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Popular types of investments – capital, private, alternative

Date Added: February 25, 2010 09:11:44 AM
Author: anka725
Category: Small Business: Finance
People invest in various things: economy, education, real estate etc. The most popular investments are government and private investments. Still, there are a lot of alternative ways to invest money. Private investments became popular only several years ago in contrast to government investments that have a very long history. The end of the previous century saw a considerable boom in investments into foreign countries. Large organizations and enterprises were the first to explore and invest in the foreign market. With time small businesses started to transfer great amounts of money abroad, regardless of the type of business they invested in. Their major aim was to take the money off the country. Some businessmen even tried to invest money into third world countries despite low return rates on investments and high fiscal risks. Investors distinguish two types of private investments: direct and portfolio. Direct investments is when before making an investment in a country, a businessman visits the country to assess potential risks and profits and decides whether to make an investment or not. The other type of investment means that a businessman purchases shares of a business. An investor's profit is then impacted upon by the financial situation of the stock market. To maximize profits and lessen the risk of losing the invested money, investors choose to make capital investments. One of the leading investment groups in capital investments is Caspian Trading Inc., headquartered in Sweden. The corporation offers its clientele first-class services and 3 investment programs: fixed return, fixed annuities or instant annuities programs. If you give preference to the fixed return program, you get a return on your capital investments only at the end of a fixed period. According to the second programme, series of payments are made quarterly to the end of an investment period, while a cumulative payment is made at the end of an investment period. The third program is suitable for investors who would like to receive a return on investments partially. Still, some businessmen select to make investments in several spheres to reduce the risk of losing the invested money. Everything else an individual can make an investment in apart from money, stocks and bonds is called an alternative investment. Popular alternative investments are commodities, real estate, venture capital etc. Your investment is your choice.

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